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AFS Technologies launches new web portal providing advanced Software-as-a-Service solutions to the foodservice industry supporting the creation, maintenance, and distribution of Manufacturer Sales and Marketing product information.

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Advanced Search
Advanced Product Search

You do not need to fill in every space in this form. Choose the ones that are most useful to you. The items that you find must match every entry you make in the form, so each field you complete narrows your search to fewer items.


Select a Manufacturer from the list:

Select a Brand from the list:

Type in a search string:


Type in GTIN:
Category and Class

Select a Category and/or Class:
Advanced Search Help

1. Searching by Manufacturer.
Under Manufacturer, find the name of the Manufacturer whose products you wish to see. Click on that name.

2. Searching by Brand.
Under MBrand, find the name of the Brand whose products you wish to see. Click on that name.

3. Searching by Description.
Under Description, type in the word or words that you wish to find. The system will search the Name and Description of products for a match to whatever you typed.

4. Searching by GTIN
Under GTIN in any sequence of digits that you wish to find in the code. Do not use hyphens.

5. Searching by Category.
In the drop-down list labeled 'Category', find the Category of products that you wish to see and select it.

6. Searching by Class.
After you select a Category, the 'Class' button will be active. Select a Class from the drop down list to narrow the Category further, if you wish.

7. Search.
To perform the search, simply click Search Button. A list of the items that meet your criteria will be displayed.

8. Double click on the selected row to view the Product Details.

9. Clear
Click the Clear Button to clear all of the entries in the Super Search form at any time. Then, you can enter completely new criteria for a search.

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